Le Tarot de Cassandre

Le Tarot de Cassandre

Le Tarot de Cassandre par Arthur White (Kyklos)

This Tarot game is a merchandising product from the novel « La Bataille des Forts » (The Battle of Strongs) by Guillaume Gonzales at Kyklos Publishing.
I had illustrated this novel with one card done by Arthur White (the main caracter of the novel and successful comic artist) for the fortune teller Cassandre.

Quite amazed by this illustration, the editor offered us the opportunity to publish the entire tarot game, that is the 22 major arcanas of the Tarot of Marseille illustrated by Arthur White whitin the novel.

A launch party took place the 16th of december 2010 and Pippa bookshop in Paris.
Here are some photos by Annabelle Le Coq, big thank you to her.

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